Turf Care

1. A lawn service customized to your lawn’s specific needs

Your lawn is unique, with its own specific strengths and challenges. That’s why here at Rumble Tree and Turf, our trained Turf Technicians will take the time to diagnose and treat your lawn’s needs in order to give you the highest quality lawn you have always wanted. Our Turf Technicians will also provide answers to your questions, while giving you quality customer service.

2. Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee

We at Rumble Tree and Turf, stand behind our service and our products. You will receive attentive expert service all year long for your specific lawn care needs. We want you to be fully satisfied with every visit. We are confident that once you see the results of a healthier lawn you will be satisfied that you chose Rumble Tree and Turf for your lawn care needs.

3. Environmental Awareness

We have a responsibility to our environment that we take seriously. We train our Turf Technicians to apply our products with the most accurate equipment available, so that your lawn is treated using the most effective and environmentally friendly products possible. Our products are SAFE, so you will not need to worry about your family or your pets being endangered.

4. Season Specific Treatments

The goal that we have at Rumble Tree and Turf is to keep your lawn green and pest free all year long. Our Turf Program includes seasonally supplied specialized fertilizers and weed pre-emergent. Treatments will vary depending on the time of year and will include one aeration a year

Our Turf Services Include:

  • Customized blended fertilizer 
  • Insecticide applications
  • Fungicide applications 
  • Pre-emergent weed applications
  • Post-emergent weed applications
  • Aerations
  • Over seeding
  • Flower bed care
  • Regular service 8 times a year