Rumble Tree is a local family owned company that started in 1989. It is owned by father/son team, Charles J. and Charlie D. Rumble.

A Beautiful Way to Save Water

At Rumble Tree, we use only the latest technology and best practices. Our goal through tree service is providing a 100% recycled product from start to finish. 

  • Weed Control - Wood chips provide a natural weed barrier against vegetation that robs the soil of moisture
  • Water Retention - Reduces evaporation from soil surface, cutting water use by 25-50%
  • Aesthetic Quality - Gives a finished look, a layer of mulch in the landscape creates an air or neatness and order
  • Great for Gardens - Top-dress your beds to protect plants, conserve water, suppress weeds, and nourish soil
  • Nutrient Rich - Organic mulches promote soil microorganism activity, which in turn, improves soil and helps lessen soil compaction

It's a simple idea to return to local soil the good, organic material that it has produced, but it takes thoughtful participation to make it happen. 

Good for the Environment

Sustainable: Rather than wind up in a landfill or burned at a plant, our mulch is repurposed and put back into the environment.

Organic: All of our chips are tree based, meaning it is not repurposed from other chemically treated wood applications such as plywood or pallets.

Locally Sourced: Made only from local, raw, woody trimmed or removed trees.